Monday, June 1, 2009

Life Changes and Hurry up and Wait

Hello all. I am going to post up two notes I posted on Facebook within the last week or so. One is titled "Some news going on in my life right now" and the other is titled "Hurry up and Wait". So here it goes!

"Some News Going On In My Life Right Now"
Hello all! Just wanted to share a bit of news with you all. About a week ago, I received a letter with my paycheck from Bel-Air (a grocery store I have worked at for 11 years, 7 months and 4 days to be exact). In this letter was something stated about a so called "Buy Out". Let me explain this "Buy Out" thing! Raley's (who owns Bel-Air) is offering to buy out head clerks and senior clerks. I am a senior clerk. I get paid $20.43 an hour on Mondays thru Saturday and about $26.80 an hour on Sundays. Well, with the way the economy is these days, Raley's is looking to downsize their staff and buy out those who have been there the longest. They want to get rid of the old clerks and bring in new clerks so they don't have to pay as much when the new contract comes out at the end of this year. I look at it this way, either Take the Buy Out or eventually get laid off by years end.

The Buy Out being offered is as follows:

1. They buyout benefit will be 75% of my 2008 W-2 earnings.
2. It will be paid in one lump sum.
3. It is also taxable.
4. My last day of work at the store will be July 24, 2009.

If I accept the buyout, I will get somewhere between $10,000 to $17,000. To me, there are some pros and cons with this buyout. These are what I think are my Pro's and Con's:


1. I can MOVE back to TEXAS by the end of this SUMMER!!!
2. I can be back close to my WONDERFUL FAMILY again!!!
3. I will be able to spend Holiday's with my family!!! I haven't done that since Christmas of '98.


1. I will be losing 2 wonderful jobs that I have held for over 11 ½ years each.
2. I will be leaving many wonderful friends that I have created in that time.

As you can see, it looks like my Pro's out number my Con's. lol That I like. I am a happy and excited as well as nervous and scared. Please pray that I can get this deal and move back home and can get on with my life where I belong, IN TEXAS!!!

What do I plan to do with the money? Well, a few things to be exact. I want to pay my car off so I won't have to worry about a car payment. I would also like to pay off some debt to clear up my credit history. As for the rest of the money, I should have enough to pay first and last months rent on a new apartment for me to live in and I should have enough left over to help pay for a few months of rent in case I don't have a job lined up right off the bat. I will start looking when I find out what is going on.

Well, I hope you all will pray for me for the next few months. I haven't been able to get a good nights sleep in over a week now with all the things I am thinking about. Hopefully, by the time I make to Texas for my vacation, which starts June 25th, I will know what is going on. I will be on vacation for 13 days. I can start looking for a place to live when I move back and I can also submit some applications for future jobs there.

I love you and miss you all and can't wait to see you at the end of June!!! I will be there for July 4th. I am excited. Can we say Party? lol Well, maybe a family gathering. Good enough for me.

Hope to hear what all you think about this. I will keep you all informed on what is going on as I hear it. Mom, you and dad will be the first to know what is going on. I PROMISE!!!

Until June 25th, Loves to All,


Now here is the other one:

"Hurry Up and Wait"
Man! I thought I was out of the military! I guess not. This so called "Buy-Out" offered by Raley's and Bel-Air is driving me crazy. I have so many emotions goin' on right now, I can't figure out wether to be happy, excited, nervous, scared or IMPATIENT!!! lol I guess I answered that one. Memories of the military. They want you to "Hurry Up And Wait"! Hurry and do this and wait for further instructions. While waiting, you see time passing by. Minutes turn into hours and before you know it, the day is over. Well, this Buy-Out is just like that practically. First 100 will get it. Fill out the form and fax in the request. (I did) Now wait two weeks. Next set of forms come in. It is the contract stating that once you leave the corporation, you can never, ever work for Raley's, Bel-Air, Nob Hills or Food Source as long as you live. (Maybe I can when I die, lol) Ok, soon as you get this contract thingy, sign it and have it sent to WHOEVER via intra-store mail. (this I did as well) Now the waiting game. I had 45 days from Thursday, May 21 to turn in my form signed and dated and to be delivered. Now it is time to play the WAITING game!!! How long do I have to wait to even know if I get this offer? Lord only knows. I have some stupid reason to think that I won't know anything until the 45 day grace period is over!!! What date might that be, you ask! Well, let me see!

(counting the days to see what the date is)

If I counted it right, it looks to be about July 5th or somewhere in that area. I will be on vacation in Texas at that time spending time with my family. Hmm I know! Go crazy!!! lol Nah. I will think positive. I will pray (as I hope you all will do) that I will find out sooner than July 5th or so.

Well, I will say this. I have heard it thru the grapevine that 230 people have opted to do this so called Buy-Out thingy! I also heard that not just 100 will get it but everyone who has bidded on this will get it as well. This makes me happy in a way. But like I said, it us just hear-say info. That is positive hear-say!!! I like that!

Oh, did I mention that I have already started packing? I have!!! I am not even close to being done though. lol I have tons of stuff to pack. I have a few more empty boxes and will have to get more. I am getting them from both my jobs. All my dvds, tapes, video tapes (old stuff) and cds are packed. One bedroom is packed and ready. I know I am ready! lol

Well, enough of this. I just had to get this off my chest so I can hopefully get some good rest tonight. All I ask from all of you who read this to think positive for me and pray that I get this offer. I am SSSOOOO ready to move and get back to my wonderful family again. For those of you I am leaving behind, you all have been such wonderful friends. I love each and every one of you. I have grown more and more from the many things I have learned from you! I have really enjoyed meeting you and just so you know, each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart. As for all the new friends I make when I get back to Texas, know this. No one, I mean NO ONE will ever replace the wonderful friends I have here in Sacramento, CA. You All are One in a Million!!!

I will keep everyone informed on this so called "Buy-Out" as I get the info.

Peace Out All


Ok, That is that. I have so much I am going thru my mind I just had to write it somehwere. Thanks for baring with me.

Until Next Time, Take Care and God Bless!!!


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