Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on Buy-Out Status

Well, here is an update on this buy out status I am going through. I called the Human Resources (HR) last Thursday (6-18-09) and left a message. I asked to see if I am getting this buy out or not. Well, I worked Friday morning, 9 - 6. HR called me back at work Friday morning. They asked me what I wanted to know. I told them that I was going to Texas this next week for vacation and wanted to search for apartments in the Mesquite area. I don't want to go not knowing if I was getting this BY or not. They told me that all they can say is that I was number 30 out of 100 but it is not official whether I have it or not. To me, that is good news being that I am within the first 100 that is requesting it. I will be going to Texas Thursday for 13 days and will be searching for apartments. I will know for sure if I got the buy out on July 11th. That is the end of the 45 day grace period for people requesting this offer. I am going to continue to think positive and pray that I get this. Unfortunately, my vacation ends on July 7th, just four days shy of me actually knowing what is going on. Please, wish me luck and continue to pray for me. Thank You All!!!

Until next time,

Take Care and God Bless!!!


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