Wednesday, May 16, 2012

...ONLY YOU...

A lot of people know the surface side of me,
the side they see while I'm working
or just going through the day...
But there's another side of me ~ an inside ~
that people never see.
It's a part that's full of a thousand thoughts,
a part that embraces love and cherishes friendship,
a part that understands without need for words,
a part that has yearnings and desires and prayers.

The inside of me has so many moods
that the outside never shows.
For once in my life, though...
I trust someone implicitly
and I care about someone in a totally
   understanding way.

I feel like it's ok to let that someone in...
to let them see me emotionally
and physically
as naturally and as naked as I can be.
I have given my self to you
and told you things that 
I've never told another soul.

You are the one person who has seen me
trembling and as fearful as an injured bird,
you are the one person I always want
to take with me when I feel
exhilarated and my spirits are soaring.

I trust you with my secrets,
and you now know that
     you can trust me with yours.
This sharing... this special sharing...
is one of the nicest dimensions
my life has ever known.  

~Jamie Delere

This was in a card that my BESTEST FRIEND sent me.  I am so thankful that I have a wonderful friend like her.  Everyone in the world needs a Friend like her.  I love and miss my BESTEST FRIEND, Jill!!!