Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok, this is a test. This is a test of learning to add a photo to this blog. I figured that I should just add a photo that I took myself that I really like. My favoritest thing in the world is seeing a sunset or maybe a sunrise. I went to Florida for my brothers wedding back in August of 2003. While there, I decided to go to the beach (at 4 A.M. in the morning) and catch the sunrise. I got up and got dressed and left. It was rather cold in the hotel room I stayed in. So with the humidity pretty warm and the cameras a bit chilled, the lens was fogging over. I was so afraid that I got up for nothing but as it started getting lighter, the cameras warmed up. I was able to take a few great pictures. Here is the one I like the most:

I also like the next one as well but like I said, the one above is the best. Here is the next one:
Well, until next time, Enjoy! Take Care and God Bless!!!

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  1. great pictures Adam, and I see you learned how to load them! way to go!