Monday, November 12, 2012

I Don't Love You

I Don’t Love You…

I don’t love you with my eyes.  
They’re too weak, and weary. 
They’ve watched too much. 
Followed too many. 
They are stained, and strained, and frozen. 
Fixed on the physical. 
Reckless and uncommitted… Bloodshot. 
They look, but they don’t see.

I don’t love you with my mind. 
It wonders, and wanders. 
Spins in circles. 
Moves back and forth between 
yes, no, and maybe…  
It reasons too much. 
Asks too many damn questions. 
Interrogates. Judges… 
It tries to put you, and place you, and peg you. 
Shove you into a makeshift box. 
It tells me to stop. 
Be smart. 
Think through… 
Shut down.

I don’t love you with my body. 
It soaks in your skin. 
It swerves with your lines and 
stumbles with your curves. 
It makes love to your angles… 
Stares at your shape… 
Magnetic and mystified. 
It’s here, and now, and ready… 
But it’s not lasting.  
It’s not familiar with Fate and never 
been friends with Forever.  
It feels, but it doesn’t finish.

I don’t love you with my heart. 
It’s big, but battered. 
It’s pure, but pained… 
It’s honest, and open, and hopeful, and true…. 
It wants. 
And needs. 
And longs… 
But it’s too soft to hold onto these edges. 
It’s too hard to cushion every fall. 
Too naive to notice the necessary. 
Too old to forget the scars…. 
It cries too much.

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