Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Veteran Asks

Some wonder what to say to a Veteran
On Veteran's Day, or what to give.
We ask for nothing.
You see parades are for one day,
But memories are forever.
We don't ask for money,
We did not serve for that.
Fame is for those that like the spotlight,
We prefer humbleness.

So what does a Veteran ask for?
That's all.
Remember what we gave
That sometimes is not visible.
Remember our comrades
That lie beneath stones of white.
Remember to stand up
When a flag passes.
It hurts us when so many
Ignore our flag we served.

Say "Thank You",
It may only take a moment to say that,
But the words last a lifetime.

You see, when you say Thank You,
It makes us feel like you understand.
You understand the many months we were
Away from our families.
The many tears that we shed when
We saluted a flag draped coffin.

But not to be alarmed
If we do not answer back.
We maybe fighting memories
Or holding back the tears.
You see, we are still proud,
That lip I have, I try to hide.
Those memories that weaken me,
I try not to share.

          ..we only ask to be remembered.

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